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25选5几点开奖:Apollo Team

25选5开奖结果201960 www.rvphr.icu        Apollo Ink has a 10 people R&D team,with PHD and master degrees. Its founder and R&D leader Mr.Zhang Lijing has a PHD degree and more than 20 years experience in printing ink. Apollo ink was named as Shandong R&D center of UV LED Inkjet Printing Technology in 2013. We also have cooperation with Tsinghua University,Shandong University and Qilu University of Technology to get the state of art technology in printing industry.

       Our R&D center is equiped with viscometer,weathering tester,surface tension meter,colorimeter,British laser particle distribution analyzer,drop shape analyzer. The innovative team and the sophisticated equipment enable Apollo to produce the most reliable inkjet ink in the world.

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